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About Us

Bios are always hard... Come thru if you want good vibes, good drinks, good music, and all that jazz.




Liquor 🍹

Specialty Cocktails


Vanilla Vodka, triple sec, orange juice


The Spins

Vodka, rum, orange liqueur, lime juice, simple syrup, blueberry syrup, topped with ginger beer


Blue Motherfucker
Long island with a little bit of blue magic


Melon Head

Rum, melon schnapps, lime juice, and sprite



Blueberry Blackout

Vodka, blueberry syrup, mint, and some champagne



It’s Mango in a Cup

Gin, lemonade, mint, and mango syrup 



Classic Cocktails

Moscow Mule

Vodka, lime juice, simple syrup, and ginger beer



Long Island

Gin, vodka, rum, and some other stuff… it ain’t NY but it’s close enough



Tequila Sunrise

Something red, something tequila, and something orange




Rum, muddled with mint and lime, simple syrup, lime juice, and soda water 




Tequila, orange liqueur, lime juice, lemon juice, and simple syrup


Phat Things 

Phat Az (16 oz / 48 oz, to share… hopefully) – (Peach, Strawberry, Mango, Blueberry)

Rum, Vodka, simple syrup, sprite, and fruit


Spiked Claw

White Claw, vodka, orange liqueur, and simple syrup


Surprise me bruh

We gotchu’ fam; we might make something good up, we might not

Bartender's Specials

Roman Holiday

Vodka, lime juice, lemon juice, blue curacao, lime soda


Watermelon Jake Spark

Rum, watermelon pucker, ginger ale, lemonade



Sweet Caroline

Vodka, peach schnapps, lemon juice, lime juice, strawberry syrup, soda


Strawberry Blonde

Vodka, strawberry syrup, lemonade, lime soda


Flavored Soju Bottles

Soju with flavored syrup (peach, strawberry, or mango)


Shots 😈

Phat’s Bomb  $6

The Vaccine (*maybe 5% effective)  $6

The Pirate's Death $6

Lemon Drop  $6

Vegas Bomb  $7

Green Tea  $7

Jager Bomb  $7

Irish Car Bomb  $8

Pink Starburst $6

Red Headed Slut  $6


All Well Shots  $4

Indecisive? We got u  $?

Beer 🍺

Bottles / Cans


White Claw $4

Trulys $4

Stella $5

Corona / Corona Light $5

Angry Orchard $4

Blue Moon $4

Budweiser $4

Michelob $4

Coors $4

IC Light $4


Guinness $7

Southern Tier 2x IPA $7

Yuengling $6

Sierra Nevada Hazy IPA $6

Blue Moon $6

Shock Top $5

IC Light $5

Miller Light $5

Bud Light $5



Phat's Oakland
Wed to Sat - 7pm to 2am
418 Semple Street
(412) -904-2217

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